It is tax time. Deductions, exclusions, rebates, expenses, can I just get an extension?

I'm over my head. It's tax time!
I’m over my head. It’s tax time!

So I’m starting my taxes and it’s a little overwhelming. When you have your own business, and when you are your own business, it seems to take a long time to go through all the paperwork to get your taxes to the accountant. I think I will just go take a nap!


I love the Elephant in the Room!

There is an elephant in the room…

elephant in the room

and its the WEATHER! Finally, it is warming up. Spring has sprung! It is a balmy 41 degrees! and its only gonna get BETTER!

We could be seeing 70 DEGREES tomorrow!!!!

Its about time we feel the warmth of the spring. I have had enough of the cold in the past few days. There should be a rule that the weather people have which is NO SNOW STORMS IN APRIL.

We may even see some rain on Wednesday. I’m ok with that as we need a good soaking so all the flowers and greens can come up through the dirt. I even saw a few buds poking through the dirt as I was leaving my home this morning.

tiny plants

Don’t forget to get your taxes done if you haven’t already! Just so you know, I may be finished with mine or I may not. You don’t know.

Happy Spring!

Virginia Lord

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