Big Island – AGAIN

Did you know there is an island on Lake Minnetonka where people have homes and there are no bridges connecting the mainland and the island?

Well there is and it is called Big Island.

Wikipedia even mentions Big Island by saying  Big Island, a popular lounging island near Excelsior, holds many large fish.

Large fish huh? I have been to Big Island dozens of times and I have never seen a fish larger than my forearm. According to Wikipedia I think I should be seeing some shark fins or maybe a whale jump.
whale in lake minnetonka

Some of you may be wondering how much I can write about Big Island on Lake Minnetonka? The answer to that question is, I’m not sure. I don’t set out to write about Big Island but something pops into my head and perhaps it reminds me of Big Island. I wonder if it makes a difference that there is a huge picture of Big Island right above my computer screen so every-time I pause, I am reminded of Big Island.

When I googled Big Island I found a lot of information about the now defunct, amusement park on Big Island. I also found some of my own writings on Big Island. So maybe I’ll write about the amusement park, or maybe I’ll write about how much I write about Big Island.
Virginia Lord

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