Shady docks cause quite a stir on Lake Minnetonka!

The following links contain the most recent news concerning the shade from docks supposedly jeopardizing the health of Minnesota lakes.

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District held a meeting last week to listen to lakeshore owners comments concerning the potential restricting of docks. From the dozens of people I have talked to about this issue, one of the strongest reactions was, “How on earth can they expect people to share docks? I must say, as a realtor, I know that if that happens, those property values will certainly go down! The recent article in the Star Tribune is a most read. If you want some entertainment, read the comments also. Although I could not attend the meeting on Wednesday, I understand the overall opinion from the lakeshore owners was to leave the docks the way they currently are.

This is good summary of the history of the D.N.R.’s regulations.

The following reports by the D.N.R. explain the role of the D.N.R. in regulating docks throughout the state, and, discusses the public meetings held in several cities within the last few years.

An environmental committee under the L.M.C.D. was appointed to review and determine issues surrounding dock ordinances. This is the findings of the technical review committee.

Now you know more than most people about the potential flora and fauna problems under the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

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When will the ice be off Lake Minnetonka? Ice melting off a lake means spring and melts away spring fever.


Everyone is anxious for the ice to be off the lake. We live in an area where we get cabin fever at this time of the year and we just can’t wait for one of the first signs of spring; the ice totally melting off the lake. istock_000005379973small1istock_000001025366small

Many people try to predict the exact date, people have “Ice Off” parties, and the winter blaas just seem to melt away along with the ice!

Do you want to move off the lake…

If you want to move off the lake, it is easier to just move yourself, not your house too!If you are moving off the lake, just move yourself, not the house. It's too much work!

VirginiaThe Phone is Starting to Ring!

The phone is starting to ring again

The phone is starting to ring again

The phone is starting to ring again. For a few months, I felt like the Matag repair man. I couldn’t figure out why my phone wasn’t ringing. Were there no sellers or buyers out there that needed my help? I just couldn’t figure it out. Then, last month, my phone started to ring again. Sellers were talking about wanting to listen to me about price. Buyers were thinking the bottom was here, or at least near, and they wanted in. I am “back in the saddle again.” Yea!! Spring has indeed Sprung!!

Memorial Day weekend, Good time to buy a house?

I have sold three houses over past Memorial Day weekends, so if you think Realtors typically don’t work this weekend, you are wrong. The weather is supposed to be great for the next few days. There are many wonderful bargains to buy. If you want to buy a house on Lake Minnetonka, I know of many wonderful opportunities.

The Distinctive Homes waterfront tour last week was a total success. All houses that have direct or deeded lakeshore were on the tour. The property I had open was a beautiful lot on Lake Minnetonka, and many people seemed quite interested in it. 

What is your favorite type of house?

My favorite type of house is a little house on Lake Minnetonka.

OK not that little, but something small and cozy. I adore little cabins with just a slice of lakefront.

house on the lake

That is one of the reasons I like visiting Big Island so much. I would love a little cabin on the Big Island, Lake Minnetonka. There, you feel like you are way up north, away from it all when you are actually right in the city. It’s the most convenient getaway I have found.

Besides that its so beautiful on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The scenery is gorgeous.


I really do prefer a small cozy house to a big palatial mansion just because of the maintenance required. I would hate to have to clean and repair a 45 room house. Plus I love that cozy cabin feel. I love a fireplace and candlelight. It is hard to feel this cozy with 45 ft. ceilings.

What’s your favorite kind of house?

Virginia Lord

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Hey Hovercraft! Over Here!

Well well well. Excelsior has rolled out the hovercraft in its emergency services department. A “hovercraft” is a boat-like vehicle, but instead of riding in the water it “hovers” on pockets of air above water, land, and ice. It’s powered by a fan to project it forward.

Thus, it can not sink.

They use this vehicle to “save” those who may have mistakenly walked on ice that may be too thin to walk on.

Here is a video from about Excelsiors new Hovercraft. Click Here

Last year Hennepin County had 44 water/ice related emergencies. If you made it through the entire video you would have seen that the hovercraft itself broke down. Not only did it break down, but it broke down in the middle of the ice. Its a hovercraft. And its brand new. What can go wrong…

hovercraft on minnetonka

Hey, who’s gonna save the hovercraft guys? We need them safe and sound in case w, say, drive across the lake to visit, say, Big Island.

I can’t imagine if we would have fallen through the ice, to be rescued by the hovercraft guys, who also, fall through the ice. We would all be swimming about 3 months ahead of schedule.

Doesn’t anyone pay attention to these signs?

thin ice sign

This ice is so thin I can’t even see it!

Virginia Lord

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