To be, or not to be, an Italian Citizen!

I just came back from the Italian Consulate in Chicago, where my brother, sister, and I applied to become  Italian Citizens. The reason we had this opportunity is a  little complicated to try to explain here. But it has to do with my Great Grandparents not considered Italian Citizens around World War One. Their culture was Italian. Their language was Italian. But they were considered to be in part of Austria, and therefore, Austrian Subjects. Recently, to benefit their descendants, the Italian government has offered us the ability to become Italian citizens, along with our children, and their future descendants. It will take three months to three years for the process to be complete. I am very honored to be a part of this opportunity!


Nick Nolte Should Have Stuck With Me!

A few years ago when I was 24, (so lets say six years ago?) I met Nick Nolte at a party.

He was so dreamy. I could look into those handsome eyes all night long. We talked a little about home life and friends. I think my meeting him left such a wonderful impression on him. I know it sure did me. I left that party on cloud nine. I have always been able to picture those handsome eyes perfectly in my head.

I must have really touched him because from that point on he has never quite been the same…

I think if he would have stuck with me at least he would have had a better chance for this…

Oh well Nick. You had your chance…

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Summer of 2010, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of our kids with two friends, swimming in Lake Minnetonka. Now that it is the beginning of  Spring, I am getting impatient for warm Summer days, drifting on a float, day dreaming, and splashing in the water. I think this picture was taken when we rented a cabin on Big Island on Lake Minnetonka.

Miles walks for miles

Not too long ago, my dear brother Mick roasted a pig for my father and many of his friends and relatives. It was for my father’s Birthday party. He had just turned ninety years old! Everyone had a great time. Now when my father says he won’t buy green bananas, I tell him he certaintly can because we are going to have another pig roast for him next year, and for many years thereafter! I think he will live forever because he is in excellent health, and he walks two or three miles at a time. Here’s to Miles walking for miles!!!!


Raising The Bar In Real Estate

Shady docks cause quite a stir on Lake Minnetonka!

The following links contain the most recent news concerning the shade from docks supposedly jeopardizing the health of Minnesota lakes.

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District held a meeting last week to listen to lakeshore owners comments concerning the potential restricting of docks. From the dozens of people I have talked to about this issue, one of the strongest reactions was, “How on earth can they expect people to share docks? I must say, as a realtor, I know that if that happens, those property values will certainly go down! The recent article in the Star Tribune is a most read. If you want some entertainment, read the comments also. Although I could not attend the meeting on Wednesday, I understand the overall opinion from the lakeshore owners was to leave the docks the way they currently are.

This is good summary of the history of the D.N.R.’s regulations.

The following reports by the D.N.R. explain the role of the D.N.R. in regulating docks throughout the state, and, discusses the public meetings held in several cities within the last few years.

An environmental committee under the L.M.C.D. was appointed to review and determine issues surrounding dock ordinances. This is the findings of the technical review committee.

Now you know more than most people about the potential flora and fauna problems under the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

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Strange House

I found a few pictures of some other strange houses.

This first one looks as if it is made up of cargo containers. I would be afraid to stand so close to the windows or put any heavy furniture in that room.  I also would have built it right on the edge of the water so the top would hang right over the water.


This next house is very precariously placed.  I would hate to be sleep-walking around the yard.  I think it would be cool to have transparent floors so you could watch the boats go by.


Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Beyonce in town!

Beyonce Knowles was in town tonight at the Target Center.  I didn’t get to go see her but I would have loved to!  She is Sacha Fierce!  I loved her in dreamgirls.  It was such a wonderful show.


At the concert, fellow soul songstress, and sister, Solange joined Beyonce as a special guest.

Beyonce always gives a lot to charities.  The show was to benefit the Charles & Phyllis Newman Foundation and the Knowles Family charitable organization, The Survivor Foundation.

This is a summary of what those charaties do:

About The Newman Foundation:

The Newman Foundation supports programs of National and International significance that promote medical research and discovery in humans and animals that add to the quality of life and longevity of their lives.

About The Survivor Foundation:

The Survivor Foundation helps to transform the lives of survivors of social, economic and catastrophic hardships by providing assistance, education and support.

I love seeing a talented and beautiful performer who spends so much time and money giving back to the community.  I wish all celebs did this.  The world would be a brighter place.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate