Back at the Wheel

The spring thaw is nearly upon us. The spring thaw is nearly upon us. The spring thaw is nearly upon us.

Maybe if we all say it together it will come true – The spring thaw is nearly upon us.

While winter may still be holding strong around the Lake, it’s the perfect time to think about what you want to see everyday when you wake up. Winter is the time to cozy up with a stack of magazines and dream about what could be. Maybe tackle a few of those pesky honey-do’s that you’ve been putting off for a while.

For me, one of those honey-do’s is hitting “reset” on this blog and revamping my web presence to match the passion I have everyday for the Lake and surrounding communities. (I hear falling over and neglecting to update your blog at the end of a long day is a problem of the  human condition) If you’ve been around for a while, or even if you’re a new visitor, stick around – we’ll be rolling out new features, links, and a piping hot lineup of blog posts highlighting my favorite lake, the surrounding communities, with a dash of real estate help and headlines for you in the next few weeks.

-Until then, keep on dreaming about what spring will bring! -VL


Virginia Lord is a licensed Realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet, serving the entire west-Metro with a focus on the Lake Minnetonka Area. Virginia is an expert at facilitating smooth real estate transactions for the most discriminating buyers and sellers on Lake Minnetonka. Contact Virginia today to discuss how today’s market can benefit you and your dreams.

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