Small houses are cozy, big houses provide privacy

Are you comfortable with the size of your house? I am just wondering because I have listed a beautiful house on Lake Minnetonka, close to Wayzata, Minnesota and last weekend I showed it to a nice family. They were concerned because the house was a little bit smaller than the one they live in now. They weren’t sure if they would be comfortable with less space. I have dealt with so many buyers who think they know just how many square feet they want in their new house. They know that their present house is too small or too big. But sometimes they find the perfect house, that has the pool, the big deck, but it is much smaller or bigger than they predicted they wanted. They move in and discover the house to be cozy, if it’s smaller, or provides more privacy, if it’s bigger.

But then, I wonder if anyone ever moves into their house and declares, “this is not right. I want to return it for another size.”  

 Shafer's 8x12' Front Gable model         

Memorial Day weekend, Good time to buy a house?

I have sold three houses over past Memorial Day weekends, so if you think Realtors typically don’t work this weekend, you are wrong. The weather is supposed to be great for the next few days. There are many wonderful bargains to buy. If you want to buy a house on Lake Minnetonka, I know of many wonderful opportunities.

The Distinctive Homes waterfront tour last week was a total success. All houses that have direct or deeded lakeshore were on the tour. The property I had open was a beautiful lot on Lake Minnetonka, and many people seemed quite interested in it. 

Strange House of the Day

I love this one! Its a museum turned upside-down. It looks as if some giant monster picked this building up and dropped it on its head. What a great idea.

This place is called wonderworks and its located in orlando florida. You can see a complete animation of the house being “placed” at the wonderworks website.

This is a really great example of some amazing architecture. What an incredible attraction! I hope to visit someday.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Yogaettes, The new name of our group of friends.

The new thing to do in Wayzata is Yoga. Actually many Wayzatians having been practicing yoga for years. That is why most people who live in this town are very calm and “on an even keel.” The police drive around just for something to do. The children are perfect. The mother’s are beautiful, and the men are tan and rich. This truely is the best town to live in, in Minnesota. I want to fit in so I am going to give Yoga the good old college try. Besides, I was at a party a few nights ago and all my friends said they were going to Yoga classes. They all originally met in a pool, so the name of our group is “The Swimmettes.” Now they will probably change the name of our group to Yogaettes. Click once to zoom in.

Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment

This is reprinted from the lakeshore weekly news.

You are invited to attend a special Planning Commission Meetings regarding the Wayzata Bay Center redevelopment. We encourage everyone to attend this meeting so the public’s voice will be heard at this crucial time in the redevelopment process.

Monday May 12th, 2008 – 6:00 PM – Public input and planing commision vote

at Wayzata West Middle School, 149 Barry Ave North

For more information please visit or call Ed Briesmeister at 763-245-0962

Let your voices be heard Wayzata!

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate