What is your favorite type of house?

My favorite type of house is a little house on Lake Minnetonka.

OK not that little, but something small and cozy. I adore little cabins with just a slice of lakefront.

house on the lake

That is one of the reasons I like visiting Big Island so much. I would love a little cabin on the Big Island, Lake Minnetonka. There, you feel like you are way up north, away from it all when you are actually right in the city. It’s the most convenient getaway I have found.

Besides that its so beautiful on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The scenery is gorgeous.


I really do prefer a small cozy house to a big palatial mansion just because of the maintenance required. I would hate to have to clean and repair a 45 room house. Plus I love that cozy cabin feel. I love a fireplace and candlelight. It is hard to feel this cozy with 45 ft. ceilings.

What’s your favorite kind of house?

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate



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