Hey Hovercraft! Over Here!

Well well well. Excelsior has rolled out the hovercraft in its emergency services department. A “hovercraft” is a boat-like vehicle, but instead of riding in the water it “hovers” on pockets of air above water, land, and ice. It’s powered by a fan to project it forward.

Thus, it can not sink.

They use this vehicle to “save” those who may have mistakenly walked on ice that may be too thin to walk on.

Here is a video from Kare11.com about Excelsiors new Hovercraft. Click Here

Last year Hennepin County had 44 water/ice related emergencies. If you made it through the entire video you would have seen that the hovercraft itself broke down. Not only did it break down, but it broke down in the middle of the ice. Its a hovercraft. And its brand new. What can go wrong…

hovercraft on minnetonka

Hey, who’s gonna save the hovercraft guys? We need them safe and sound in case w, say, drive across the lake to visit, say, Big Island.

I can’t imagine if we would have fallen through the ice, to be rescued by the hovercraft guys, who also, fall through the ice. We would all be swimming about 3 months ahead of schedule.

Doesn’t anyone pay attention to these signs?

thin ice sign

This ice is so thin I can’t even see it!

Virginia Lord

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