Morning Java

I love to have my morning latte at Starbucks. I always go to the Starbucks in Wayzata. Usually because Its right on my way to work.

Starbucks Map

Starbucks makes a great cup of coffee and I really like the way people know my name there. They also always remember my drink. Sometimes I can’t even remember where my car keys are. I always get the same drink. I get a Vente no-foam Latte. MMMMM it always wakes me up and I love the coffee smell.

They never quite make my coffee like this.

This is an amazing video I found on youtube of some very talented Baristas topping off their latte’s. I wish my baristas could do that.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate



One comment on “Morning Java

  1. sitaji says:

    I started my day with Starbucks too! I love it! Nice blog. You have lots of interesting tidbits here that are a lot of fun to read.

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