Listen to me!

What do you do when you think your house is worth more than what the Realtor tells you? What should you do? The answer is, listen, discuss, and then realize the comparable solds your realtor has shown you will dictate how much your house will sell for. Most people in today’s market think their house is worth more than any other simular house in the area. The market statistics are always right. So listen to your realtor, please. They will inform you of a very acurate range within which your house will sell.  Besides, the buyer’s mortgage company will conduct an appraisal. If the property doesn’t appraise at least at the agreed upon price, there are a couple options for the buyers, one of which is to take a walk! You may as well listen to the Realtor to begin with.

So what have you learned so far about selling a house?

1. Stage it, and perhaps put some money into a few improvements.

2. Price it right. Don’t overprice in this market, or your house won’t sell.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate



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