A relatively Good Law Firm

I used to work with my brothers and father at a family owned law firm, Miles Lord and Associates. It is a “relatively” good law firm. Here is a link to their website http://www.mileslord.com/

picture-019.jpgThese are my brothers. They run the law firm along with this nice man;


Casual Friday

real estate tycoon

This is the shirt I like to wear on casual Fridays. I love the color green, I love monopoly, and I am a Realtor! I wonder if Trump ever wears this shirt?

Ok I have never really worn this t-shirt, but I found a picture of it on the web and I do love it. I think it is adorable.

What do you think of it?

Where can I find good T-shirts on the web?

Is that an oxymoron? Good? T-shirt?

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Big Island – AGAIN

Did you know there is an island on Lake Minnetonka where people have homes and there are no bridges connecting the mainland and the island?

Well there is and it is called Big Island.

Wikipedia even mentions Big Island by saying  Big Island, a popular lounging island near Excelsior, holds many large fish.

Large fish huh? I have been to Big Island dozens of times and I have never seen a fish larger than my forearm. According to Wikipedia I think I should be seeing some shark fins or maybe a whale jump.
whale in lake minnetonka

Some of you may be wondering how much I can write about Big Island on Lake Minnetonka? The answer to that question is, I’m not sure. I don’t set out to write about Big Island but something pops into my head and perhaps it reminds me of Big Island. I wonder if it makes a difference that there is a huge picture of Big Island right above my computer screen so every-time I pause, I am reminded of Big Island.

When I googled Big Island I found a lot of information about the now defunct, amusement park on Big Island. I also found some of my own writings on Big Island. So maybe I’ll write about the amusement park, or maybe I’ll write about how much I write about Big Island.
Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


One of my Favorite Wayzata Restaurants

One of my favorite eateries in Wayzata has got to be North Coast.


We went there the other night and the food was so good. I had the lavender mixed greens salad and it was so delicious. It has just a bit of rosemary with a lavender vinaigrette. The combination of the two is quite potent and lovely. It was very filling. I couldn’t even eat dessert, so I just stole a bite from my daughters.

Its right off of lake St., which is nice to hop to right after work.

I don’t actually “hop” there, like a bunny. I usually walk or drive.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Spiral Ham and Home Selling

I spent more of the weekend eating spiral ham and less of the weekend selling homes.

happy easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I got together with family and ate pleanty of spiral honey-glazed ham. I always wondered how they were cut. I imagined a ham on a stick and a man with a knife running around and around and around the ham, but alas, they have machines that do the slicing so as to be specific with slice size.

You sure wouldn’t want to be thinking about other things while using that machine!

But now its Monday and I am so happy to be back at work, ready to help people buy or sell their dream homes!

strange pink home

I really hope no one wants to buy this one. I advise against it.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate


Second Day of Spring…

I Thought I would show an accurate picture of what spring looks like. Thanks to MNDot I found this highway cam right on 394 and 12. Click Here for the view.

You can be the judge of if its really spring or not, by looking at this live feed of the weather. I think, for me, this photo sums up what I think about spring thus-far.

flowers in snow

This flower is gonna make it even though it is surrounded by snow.

It reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore Song about making it after all!

mary tyler moore

I love this part when she throws up her hat and she knows “We’re gonna make it after-all!”

Did you know they made a bronze statue of this photo in downtown Minneapolis?

I just wish they would have made a statue of the crabby lady with the glasses with the blue hair wrap in back of her looking oh so surprised.

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate